QuickBooks® Specialists on the North Shore of Boston

Hamilton Bookkeeping is dedicated to providing accurate, full-charge bookkeeping for clients who wish to clean up their current bookkeeping problems, begin using QuickBooks, maintain accurate records, and adopt healthy bookkeeping procedures. We work under the guidelines of your CPA, and you could even save significantly on your incomes taxes. Imagine a team of QuickBooks specialists dedicated to making your bookkeeping perfect. Using our 2-step process, we analyze the business in its entirety to streamline the flow of information and paper and institute a bookkeeping process that facilitates growth. Gain control of your bookkeeping… gain knowledge of your business… gain freedom to make powerful business decisions.

We proudly offer the following services…

QuickBooks®  Setup

Step 1 – Clean-Up: We will get your QuickBooks®  running in ship shape condition.  We’ll go through your accounts and…

  • Organize receivables
  • Organize payables
  • Get invoicing up to date
  • Cash flow/ Bill paying plan

Step 2 – Transition to Maintenance. For a fixed monthly fee, we’ll…

  • Complete monthly reports
  • Do your sales and meals tax filing
  • Track sales and expenses
  • Create budgets
  • Help you forecast your finances