Should I Hire a Bookkeeper or Do My Own Books?

BusinessWith user friendly financial software like Quickbooks®, many small business owners are now trying to manage their own bookkeeping instead of outsourcing to a bookkeeper or hiring an employee to handle this task in-house. For someone who has a good basic understanding of accounting, time available to maintain the bookkeeping records and is fairly comfortable with learning new software, to manage your own bookkeeping is one alternative. For the “do-it-yourselfer” we still recommend having QuickBooks®  Setup Service performed so that we can be sure that the set-up is correct. We organize your receivables and payables; get invoicing up to date and a cash flow/bill paying plan in place. We also recommend you send the person who will be doing the bookkeeping to attend our Personal QuickBooks® Training. We offer a QuickBooks® for Beginners course, taught monthly on every 4th Tuesday at our Hamilton, MA location.

Even if you are capable of doing your own bookkeeping, most Business Coaches would advise business owners to focus more on their business growth by acquiring new clients and offering new goods and services, then to use time managing their own bookkeeping. Between saving time and adding an expert bookkeeper to your team, your business has a greater chance of success with accurate reports which will help you to decide if you need to cut down spending or drop a product or service that is not profitable. For the business owner who does not want to hire a staff member to manage the bookkeeping in-house and prefers to outsource the bookkeeping duties, Hamilton Bookkeeping offers a 1-hour complimentary consult to determine what the next step for your business is.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, or even embarrassed by your current bookkeeping or you just know that getting expert help or training will be a benefit to you and your business, Hamilton Bookkeeping is looking forward to speaking with you! Give us a call at 978-468-1661 or check us out at to schedule a QuickBooks® training session or complimentary consultation.

“Hamilton Bookkeeping, LLC has proven itself to be an authority in its profession. They know what a CPA firm needs in order to prepare financial statements and tax returns. Their competence in providing accurate, meaningful and timely accounting records ultimately allows the client to better concentrate on growing their business.” – Daniel Rich, Accountant