IRS Scam – Know the Facts

ComputerThe phone rings and a very official sounding person says they are from the IRS, offers a fake badge number, and then tells you that you owe taxes and they want immediate payment or you will be facing jail time.  They encourage you to pay with a prepaid debit card or a wire transfer, but they are clear that you need to take action immediately.  Hopefully, you do not offer any payment and realize this is one of many money scams that are threatening the public today.

These scammers have been known to use a number of methods to get your attention.  They will leave voice messages for you to call back or send out emails that appear to look like they are coming from the IRS.  This is called “phishing”.  In addition, if a person clicks on a link within the phishing email there often is malware attached which is an intrusive software or virus that is now downloaded to your computer and will give the scammers detail information about you and your bank accounts.

Their con is clearly believable and has worked on many unsuspecting Americans. Even the IRS has launched an awareness campaign to educate taxpayers to the risks from this potential threat.  Hamilton Bookkeeping, your Quickbook® Experts, wishes to remind you that the IRS will NEVER call or email you about your taxes and demand immediate payment.  They also want to remind you to never click on links in emails from sources that you are not sure are reputable. Keep your information safe online, remember to change passwords frequently, and if you have questions about the IRS be sure to contact your bookkeeper and or tax accountant.