8 Key Things to Consider When Hiring a Bookkeeper

8-key-things-to-consider-when-hiring-a-bookkeeperYou need a bookkeeper for your business, but are all bookkeepers the same? No, much like most professions there are noticeable differences between candidates and knowing what to consider when making your choice will help you to avoid pitfalls.

The list may be longer, but here are 8 things we recommend you consider before hiring a bookkeeper.

1.) Are they familiar with all the federal, state or local legal requirements?

2.) What is their computer skill level?

3.) Do they meet deadlines?

4.) What is their past history with bookkeeping? How many years as a bookkeeper and how many accounts have they handled?

5.) What certifications do they have?

6.) How flexible is their schedule and if you have extra projects can they or the firm they work for handle any additional projects within your deadline?

7.) What accounting systems are they most familiar with and do the systems match the one you wish to use?

8.) How often do they take courses to improve their skills?

Beyond this list, we also recommend that you consider the candidate’s communications skills and how well they will work with you and your staff. If they had any red flags in their past work history like changing jobs frequently or they cannot provide you several work references, you might want to avoid this candidate.