Client Testimonials


Client Testimonials


“Hamilton Bookkeeping has provided us knowledgeable and efficient bookkeeping services. The ability to jump right in and work on our schedule has afforded our company the ability to plan and move forward financially. Professional and effectual, I highly recommend Hamilton Bookkeeping.”

Catherine Hull, General Manager, Loiacono Companies / 525 Tavern, Magnolia

“Hamilton Bookkeeping has given many of our clients the tools that they need to effectively run their businesses while alleviating some of the unnecessary stress that often accompanies doing the books. The team goes into a business with a focus on cleaning up the books and records, and then outlines a bookkeeping plan that best fits the needs of each client. This gives our clients the clarity they need to drive the business, while leaving the bookkeeping to a professional. Once they are on a maintenance plan, those clients are able to see how well their business is doing and what areas they need to target in order to improve their the bottom line. This insight gives our clients the whole picture from the top down.”

Susan Weeks, CPA, CVA, CGFM – Vesey & Weeks, PC

“When I came to Hamilton Bookkeeping, my “numbers” were a mess.  My specialist at Hamilton Bookkeeping immediately broke apart my numbers into chunks that made sense.  She provided me with the information that I needed to make the best financial decisions for my business. My specialist is extremely professional and always available when I need her.  I highly recommend Hamilton Bookkeeping!”

Jeannette Kahn, CEO – North Shore Speech Therapy

“We have had a long and trusted relationship with Hamilton Bookkeeping. We have always relied on the accuracy and efficiency that they provide for our business and have never been disappointed. We cannot recommend them highly enough.”

John Somes, Executive Director – Beverly Chamber of Commerce

“Thank goodness for Liz Silva and her company, Hamilton Bookkeeping, LLC. My accountant urged our practice to convert our bookkeeping process to Quickbooks. While he gave me a quick overview of the many benefits and how to navigate the software, I always felt intimidated.  I could not find the time to devote to sitting down and entering all the data that had to be entered.  And then along came Liz. I met Liz through a networking group we both belong to and quickly become colleagues. I was getting anxious about the end of the year approaching and asked Liz to come to my office. I finally made the decision to let her enter the data and give me “private” lessons on Quickbooks. She is a fabulous resource and has taken away all of my angst. She and her company are always available when I have questions or ask her to come to my office. She is so dependable, patient and very reasonably priced. I am so pleased to have Liz on my “team!”

Patti Beckwith, Chet Marcus & Assoc., Beverly, MA

“We are very fortunate to have Hamilton Bookkeeping working for us. They offer us a comprehensive bookkeeping system that enables me to focus on growing my business. Liz’s team is reliable, detailed, organized, punctual and caring. Hamilton Bookkeeping’s reputation in unparalleled. I would highly recommend Hamilton Bookkeeping to any small business owner.”

Jason Maxwell, MassPay

“The key to a successful CPA firm is the condition of the records from its clients.  Hamilton Bookkeeping provides us with user-friendly accounting records that are tied-out and reconciled; and back up schedules are readily available.  They make our life so much easier and make our clients’ business records so much more meaningful.”

Steve Vesey, CPA, CVA

“I would highly recommend Hamilton Bookkeeping for several reasons: prompt friendly service, fair pricing, personal attention and forward thinking. Liz Silva has helped me take the burden out of writing checks and keeping track of my finances.”

Rudy Van Oeveren, Peabody Financial Services

“Hamilton Bookkeeping, LLC has proven itself to be an authority in its profession. They know what a CPA firm needs in order to prepare financial statements and tax returns. Their competence in providing accurate, meaningful and timely accounting records ultimately allows the client to better concentrate on growing their business.”

Daniel Rich, Accountant

“Hamilton Bookkeeping has been a vital part of my business since its start in 2006. Liz Silva and her people allow me to focus on sales and other important aspects of my business which has resulted in double digit growth two years in a row. Hamilton Bookkeeping not only understands the ins and outs of financial accounting, inventory, and taxes they are able to evaluate and make valuable suggestions as to the financial health of my business saving me billable hours with my accountant. Hamilton Bookkeeping has been instrumental in the growth and success of my business while their bills are less then my cleaning company’s bills.”

Ken Schaefer, Right Angle Kitchens & Design, Inc.